Checkbox within a table


is there an way to insert a checkbox each table line and read the selected table lines?


@franz Not entirely sure if I got your question right. But if you want to be able to select multiple rows using a checkbox, you can do so by turning on the Enable multi row selection property of the Table widget

that’s exactly what I meant and is easier than I thought.
Now how can I find out which items are clicked?

@franz You can use {{TableName.selectedRows}} to get the rows that were selected

@dancia I hope it’s ok to piggyback here, but is there a way, when multi row selection is enabled, to only have the checkbox checked when the checkbox itself is clicked? With the whole row activating the checkbox, it’s kinda difficult to mix single row actions with multi row actions.

@drew The checkboxes for the multirow selection are intended to be used when you want to perform operations in bulk eg. update/delete. If you want to perform action on only one particular row, you can can use an action button column. Can you share an example/scenario of your usecase so that we can understand better? Thanks

@dancia I’ve attatched a screenshot. Basically, I have a list of leads. I may want to bulk update or bulk delete them. However I also have a menu button column that currently only has one item, but will have three items; Low Medium and High.

I will want to be able to click the menu button, then choose a sub item from that menu, then assign that value to the selected row.

As you can see in the screenshot, every time I do this, the checkbox will be checked, leaving a path of checked rows.

I’d love it if I didn’t need to uncheck the boxes as I went.

@drew You’re absolutely right. It shouldn’t select the table row when the Action button is clicked. There is also a Github issue to solve this problem and can be tracked here

@dancia Ah, cool, they’re on it. Thanks!