Change a query's Data source in an applications causes change in other application


I found a bug when I duplicate an application Appsmith which the steps are as below:

  1. Export the ‘source’ app as a JSON file.
  2. Import the JSON file as the ‘destination’ app.
  3. Change each query’s data source in the destination app (MongoDB in my case) (i.e. change from our PROD env to DEV data source which has different connection strings)
  4. The source app’s query’s data sources are also changed, which is not a desired action.

Both applications have the same data sources available (DEV and PROD connections to DB). I expect each application to have different settings for itself. But changing in one causes change in the other.

Hi Navid,

Sorry that you’re facing trouble with setting up dev and prod datasources. Some questions:

  1. Are your ‘source’ and ‘destination’ apps residing in the same organization? If yes, please note that the datasource has organization scope, so if you change the configuration of a datasource, the change is at organization level.
  2. We are currently doing research on how our users are working with dev/test/prod etc environments, and would love to get your 30 minutes to better understand your experiences and needs. Would you be willing to chat with us: Calendly - Rohan Arthur


Hi Rohan,

Thank you for your reply. Yes the problem were related to same organization which is now changed to workspaces. Good change. Sorry that I didn’t answer your meeting on time. I would be happy to now if it still helps.