Can't use dropdown 'Select' column type in Table widget

Hi, thanks for your app that’s very useful to build fast and simple GUI :+1:

I have a problem with a Select inside a table Widget. It seems that whatever I put in ‘Computed Value’, the ‘Evaluated value’ is always []. I don’t understand what is not done correctly.

I use Select widgets outside the Table, and it works fine.

This is the screenshot of the Select inside the Table :

This is the screenshot of the Select outside the Table, working fine :

Thanks for your help

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Hello! Please try to use currentRow instead of selectedRow inside the table.
selectedRow returns the data of the row that the user clicked, while currentRow is referring to the row of the table that contains that particular cell that you are editing.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Unfortunatly, I do want to choose the value in the selectedRow of another table in the page. Is it a problem to get the data from another table ?

But whatever I put in the Computed Value seems to be intepreted as [], see my next screenshot :


I don’t understand how can it be evaluated to []

Thanks again for your help

I could not reproduce this behavior. Could you please elaborate on your use case and explain what you would like to use in the Computed Value and in the Options for this select column? A screen recording would help us better understand the use case.

Oh, I was mixing up “Computed Value” and “Options” fields.

My usecase is pretty simple, I want the user to be able to add a row in the table, and for a specific field, I want the user to select an option from a list based on another table.
I did make it work, if I put the options directly in the “Options” field. But if I put a variable, it is always evaluated as ‘[]’.

It seems like a bug, like if it can’t evaluate a value for this options field inside a column of a table.

I could reproduce this behaviour with a minimal example app and produce a loom to show my problem : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Tell me if you need more information

Thank you

Hi Antoine! I am still not able to reproduce this. Could you please share this example app with us? Please add as Developer and send us the link to the app.

I added as a Developper in my sample app.

Here is the link: Appsmith

First of all, your table did not contain any Table Data, so this might be one of the things that are causing problems. Try binding it to a query.
Secondly, you’ll need to use {{SourceTable.selectedRow.choices}} and it should show the evaluated value correctly:

My FinalData doesn’t contain any data because, in my use case, the user will populate entirely the table. But the my SourceData Table (in the example, data is written as raw text) is bind to a query.

Ok, indeed, if I put dummy values in my FinalTable, the options coming from my SourceTable are correctly evaluated when i click the field (in options). I do not understand why but that’s not what is important. But, even if it seems correctly evaluated, I still have ‘not found’ in the select dropdown, in the table.

See the first screenshot correctly evaluating my options:

But if i just click on select, I have “No Results Found” :

Pretty strange, maybe there is something I don’t get.

Thanks again for your time.

In this case, try SourceTable.selectedRow['choices'][0]

I don’t see ‘Select’ as a column type in my self-hosted Community version of appsmith. Is this a Business class or a Cloud version feature?

I was able to use this on the community (self hosted) edition on my end. What version of appsmith are you on?

Hello, I have the same issue. I m with appsmith v1.9.9

This is weird.
I’m able to see it on my end and I’m not using the business edition.
I’m also on the latest version

@Loic Are you self-hosted as well?

yes i am self-hosted

@Loic Could you send a screenshot or screen recording of the options it gives you for column type?

That is what is in the column

That how the table is when I edit the column

That is when I create a new row