Cant see tables after successful DB connection

Have installed AppSmith on AWS. Have successfully connected to the DB

However when I try to then use the DB to actually do a query it says it cant see the tables.

When I connect using a DB query tool, I can see the 3 different schemas. The one I care about is called “dbo”

Is there anything special I need to do to specify a schema in the connection


  • AppSmith hosted on AWS (self hosted)
  • All networking connections are confirmed to work and connect as expected
  • Trying to connect to Postgres DB (RDS Postgres)

I can confirm that the query editor in AppSmith works fine

Its just that when youre in Quick Page Wizard - it doesnt know that there are multiple schemas and hence cant show the list of tables.

might be a bug or might be a current limitation of AppSmith. But will need to have the ability to set / select the schema of choice for a DB

Thanks for the info @jins-agridigital, this seems like a bug, Ill verify and get back!

The issue has been resolved and will go to production in next release cycle. You can check for more details on github issue