Can't configure HTTPS with Helm

I’m having problems setting up HTTPS with helm. HTTP works fine, and I can access appsmith from our custom URL.

Kinda new to this but seems like appsmith can’t set the Ingress Class. Not sure if this is the only reason for not getting this up.

I’m getting this when running k describe ingress appsmith:

  Warning  BadConfig  41m                cert-manager-ingress-shim  Could not determine issuer for ingress due to bad annotations: failed to determine issuer name to be used for ingress resource

I’m in GKE.

I see similar problems here, in appsmith github.


  enabled: true
  annotations: nginx
    - host:
  tls: true
  certManager: true
  className: "nginx"

I got it working but I thought this would have been done automatically.

I added this in the vaules.yaml:

    - hosts:
      secretName: ingress-tls-appsmith

And manually created a cert with kubectl apply.

kind: Certificate
  name: ingress-tls-appsmith
  secretName: ingress-tls-appsmith
    name: letsencrypt
    kind: Issuer

Btw, I still can’t set the ingressClass with className. Seems like the helm chart doesn’t support it.