Can we create user based UI screens In Appsmith?

in our application we have 2 kind of person can view and edit certain fields in a screen while other can view /edit some other fields. we have designed a single UI for both and hidden the fields based on user access. But we are facing issue of blank spaces of the hidden fields in the screen

in the image above the portion from ‘original sow’ will be hidden for a particular user and the entire area will be shown as blank there any possibility to avoid the blank area without creating 2 same UI for 2 types of users?

@AnithaV Unfortunately, we don’t have a solution for this today. However, conditional rendering of the JSON form will solve this issue -

Here’s the deploy preview to try out the feature -

when i click the link above… it opening a new appsmithcloud instance of mine not the preview…

@AnithaV sorry about the confusion. Were you able to login using the above link ? If yes, you will be able to see the JSON form widget under Widgets on the that new application. You can drag and drop it on the canvas to test it out.