Can not auto select a row within a table from using button widget

I have a table that updates with new visitors that sign in. When I go to sign out if I click on a a row then click the sign out button of a different row it signs out the first row that was selected. What I am trying to do it by clicking the sign out button it selects the row that the button is in and also runs the sql query that I have wrote.

Below is an image of a Test2 row that was selected but I click the sign out button of the William row. To restate above I need the sign out button to select the row that it’s in (Here would be Williams row) and only sign this user out not the Test2 row that was preselected.

Sorry if the question is confusing I am just very new to JS and appsmith in general.

Below is a picture of the results of Test2 user row selected but the William Unger row sign out button being pressed.

Hey! Would it be possible to share a screen recording that shows the issue in action? Or better yet, share the app with us - invite as developer.

Hi Pranav, I have a video demonstrating the issue but it says I am unauthorized to share that type of content here. Any suggestions?

Can you please share it at Please mention the post URL as well.

Just sent in the video!

Thank you. I have checked the video and replied to your email. I’m also sending the relevant information here for reference:

It seems that you are using the data of Table1.selectedRow instead of the Table1.triggeredRow.
The selectedRow fetches the data of the selected row of the table, while the triggeredRow fetches the data of the row where the button was clicked (or an action was performed).
Read here more information on the properties of the Table widget and how to use them.

Please let us know if this solves your issue.