Can I use AWS DocumentDB instead of MongoDB to run Appsmith?

Today, Appsmith ships with a Dockerized MongoDB container when I self-host. Instead of MongoDB, I’d like to connect Appsmith to AWS DocumentDB and use a managed service instead of managing MongoDB myself.

Is that possible?

In theory, it could work but we can’t guarantee long-term compatibility because AWS DocumentDB is always a little behind on features supported by MongoDB itself. Hence, we won’t officially recommend it.

Having said that, in case you don’t want to manage databases (who does?), you can either:

  1. Use our cloud hosted version In this case, you are transferring your problems of data management to us.
  2. Use MongoDB cloud. Here you get a hosted MongoDB instance with all the bells & whistles around backup, restore etc. You can host it in the same region as your AWS servers as well to minimize latency.