Can i run pyhton scripts directly on appsmith?

i have .py script that i want to run directly on appsmith. i dont see an option where i can do this. i see options to upload databases, apis but not for a python script. so is this possible or do i have to write code in javascript?

@niharika Yes, as of today Appsmith only supports JavaScript code

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but is there no way to run a python script? i saw this link and am not sure this will work?

@niharika That looks interesting. Creating an API to run a python script. Apologies I’m not very familiar with either Python or Flask. Have you tried it out using Flask API as shown in the above article?

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Hey @niharika, it’s not possible to run Python, as @dancia mentioned. The blog uses APIs built on Flask (Python) – These APIs are consumed on Appsmith using the API datasource.

Can I know about the use case to help you better? Regarding the script?

the script takes inputs as files, creates a bulk_request type thing and calls two apis. i basically wanted to automate this rather than a person manually running the script

Hey @niharika, this should be possible within Appsmith; you can use a file widget and create a simple JS script to make bulk requests and API calls.

If you want to automate this with any particular action, you can use Zapier or n8n and create a workflow using webhooks.

yeah, i am doing the first thing. will look into webhooks

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FYI, not sure if it will lead to anything fruitful, but I am currently trying to use script-server, which is a web app for executing self-hosted python scripts. It doesn’t have a published API, but since it is has a web UI, there are a few calls that can be made. I am trying to use that with the Appsmith local API functionality. Currently running into an issue, but thought it might be relevant to this thread: