Can I restrict user from viewing one page of the application?

I want to restrict a user from viewing one of my application’s page. Do we have a workaround by which I can achieve this?

Hey! this is possible only if you add custom auth to your app in community edition. In our enterprise edition you should be able to use RBAC to achieve this.

Is it available on the enterprise edition right now? Based on the discussion here at [Epic] Granular Access Control | RBAC · Issue #3317 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub, it feels like it is work in progress.

@kanchan yes it is available now.
Docs - Granular Access Control | Appsmith

I read the docs and it is not clear how to restrict access to a particular page based on the roles/ groups or user permissions.

Hi there!

When you create groups/ roles, you can specify which role or groups have access to a particular page. I’m sure when you try it out by doing it, It’ll be clearer at that point.