Can I attach files to a table row / use filepicker for this?

Hi there!

Is there a way to “combine” the filepicker with a modal / form to display the uploaded file in a table row?
We are trying to build an app with AppSmith to manage our customers and want to attach a file (e.g. a contract as a PDF) to each customer (one customer = one row). Our idea was to create a collum contracts and to display an icon in each row with an uploaded contract to open the pdf when clicking the icon.
We haven’t figured out yet if it is possible and how to to use the filepicker for that case. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

To be sure I understand your use case. Which one is it amongst the following:

  1. Will the files be pre-uploaded, and you only need the files to be displayed in a modal/form when the user clicks the icon OR
  2. The users upload a file using a file picker, and the uploaded files are in a table. The admin will then be able to view the files uploaded by each user by clicking the icon in each row.

You can elaborate on the use case if it’s none of the above.

Hi Olawale,
thanks for your quick reply.
Our idea was to fill in the modal/form and in that step we want to pick a file and upload it to the customer information (that you can view the file by clicking an icon in the customer row). So it is not a pre-uploaded file which was already stored somewehere. All steps should be done by users (not admins).

This is very possible with the file picker widget. You can drag it to your form and upload the file to your desired API if you wish to.

Here’s a guide on how to use the file picker widget