Can electron.js and appsmith be used together?

When you use AppSmith, you are looking to get a nice fluid UI without having to worry about coding a bunch of plumbing code. You have a rest api - exposing the api in an interface is what AppSmith does well.

When you use Electron.js, you can generate a javascript application that will work on all platforms, desktop and web browser. You have a javascript app - exposing the app as a desktop app or web application is what Electron does well.

Now the million dollar question - can you use the two together?

Can an AppSmith app run in the electron framework such that you can create AppSmith desktop apps?

Hey @nddipiazza! Welcome to the appsmith community :wave:

Could you please help me understand what you mean by can they work together??

If you are only looking to embed appsmith app inside an electron app, I believe you should be able to do that using iframe.

Let me ask my question in a different way:

Can appsmith be used to produce desktop applications?

Electron.js is a framework that can make NodeJS apps that work as Web application and as Desktop App.

Hi @nddipiazza , have you looked into Nativefier? I have had great success making pseudo-native apps with it, haven’t tried with Appsmith yet, but it should be technically possible.