Can appsmith branding be removed from registration/reset emails on business plan

On business plan is it possible to create custom emails or change the email templates sent from the instance for registration and password reset?

Even though these emails contain custom branding and domain, the sender and subject come show up to recipients as being from appsmith, and additional emails are sent to users promoting and referencing appsmith after they register. Can this be modified??

Hey @AnthonyE thanks for letting me know, this is a bug. We will get this fixed and get back to you. In the meantime i will create an issue for you to track

Here’s where you can track this issue - [Bug]: Update the sender details for BE emails and remove the content in the intro email · Issue #21617 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

@AnthonyE can you share a screenshot of an additional email sent by appsmith where appsmith is referenced? For business edition users we only send transactional emails but nothing promotional

Hi see attached. This email comes after a user signs up or logs in for the first time

Thanks for letting us know @AnthonyE