Button click change the current row field

on a button click in a current row then the current row field is_active=false and the text and color of button have to changed

Hello! Can you please elaborate on your use case and send some screenshots or a loom.com recording showing what you want to achieve exactly?
If you want to set the color or label of a button based on the value of a specific field of the current row, you can use JavaScript in the corresponding property. E.g.: {{currentRow.is_active==false ? "red" : "green"}}

hi Amelia, I want to change the current row fied is_Active =false (which is defaultly true ) by a button click on a that perticular table row.

@lavanya is “is_Active” a column in your table? If so, you need to run a query to update this data in your backend and fetch is again onClick of the button