Bulk imports to a GraphQL database?

I’ve succeeding in setting up a GraphQL connection from AppSmith to FaunaDB. I’ve got a JSON file with about 1000 items I’d like to bulk import (it also could be a csv file). Does AppSmith have a feature to support a bulk import to a GraphQL database?

Hey Daniel, if your GraphQL API has support for mutation queries, you can use a POST request action in Appsmith to execute a mutation query to insert an object. If the API support inserting multiple objects at once using a mutation query, you should be able to do this with a single action execution.

From the FaunaDB documentation, which is quite sparse on the GraphQL topic, it looks like they do support mutation queries to insert new objects. However, I couldn’t find any docs on whether it can insert multiple objects at once.

If you have all the data you need to run the mutation query against, you could create a button in Appsmith with a recursive logic to insert all the objects you have at hand. But this route is a tad complicated for this problem, in my opinion. Best would be if FaunaDB has an interface to import bulk data into the database, that would be the simplest approach. You can then use Appsmith to load the data and view it in a UI.