[BUG] add Feature {Datalist in HTML}}

please add a feature that helps to provide suggesstions to input field as like {DATALIST in HTML}


@SomashekarB We do have an open feature request for an Autocomplete widget. Please upvote and comment as that helps us prioritise the issue :slight_smile:


Also we can implement this today using a select widget and serverside filtering. Here’s a sample app that you can fork to check how it works. Check the page - Serverside filtering

You will also find many other sample app like this one here - https://docs.appsmith.com/sample-apps

Thank you for the reply… But actually for my use case Server side filtering does not fit.
The case is here is i had to take some list of ids from the one input field and process them but since no one can remember all ids i need to provide an auto suggesstion for that.

Or else if there is a widget with integration of both select widget and normal input like taking inputs that may or maynot listing in select option would be a lot more than better