Bind an input Widget with a REST API Datasource to pass dynamic URL?

Is it possible to enter the URL/IP address of the REST API Datasource in an input field in a form, and to bind that to the data source, so I can use the same form to query any REST endpoint with the same API dynamically?
Thank you!

@rfernandez2007 I think you should be able to able to bind the content of the input field using mustache operator. For eg: If Input1 is the name of your field which contains the URL of the REST API then you can use {{Input1.text}} in the GET/POST methods when creating the datasource.

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Well, this was my first option, and it didn’t work when I tried it (it didn’t suggest the widgets in the form, once I started typing inside the brackets)
Now, after you answered, I tried it again and this time it worked :upside_down_face:
So, I just can say thank you!! (I probably did something wrong the first time)

@rfernandez2007 Hey glad to hear that it worked! Feel free to reach out in case of any other queries :slight_smile: