Automatic refresh

isn’t it possible to automatically refresh the data from a datasource every x seconds ?


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@paolo this is not possible yet. We have a feature request for this here.

Could you drop a comment with your use case there? It’ll help us get it prioritised :slight_smile:

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If you can host a page somewhere else, you could write a super simple script there with a setInterval() that sends a message to the parent window using postMessage. You can use the appsmith Iframe widget, it has an event that is triggered when a message is received and you can even read the message so you could even have several timers with the same iframe.

Im using this approach to show real time data in an internal dashboard.


@Laborin that’s an incredible workaround! We’re introducing setInterval soon :slight_smile:


Hi @Nikhil do you know if this is now possible?

Hi @Gavin! Yes, now it is possible to use Intervals.
Here is also a sample app that you can fork to check the code.