Auto-save frequency makes Appsmisth look slow

Hi, I do not know what triggers the auto-saving of the app while in editor mode, or how often is the frequency, but while using the platform, the frequency of saving makes the app look sluggish.

Sometimes you are just editing the name of a widget and then the screen will freeze and you’ll see that appsmith is saving the changes on the name yet you have just type 3 or 4 letters of the new name.

Maybe this could be prevented, saving the app while editing the name of a widget. Maybe the auto-save can be triggered, let’s say after 2 minutes of idle time from your last action.

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Hi @Phangsdemic Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re currently in the process of implementing UI optimisations, so this is very timely.

The steps to reproduce this issue, as I understand from your description.

  • Edit the name of a widget
  • UI thread seems to be blocked while the page is being saved.

We’ll do a RCA of this performance issue and figure out a solution which does not block the UI thread.

Here is the github issue which we’ll use to track this.


yes, you got it correctly. thanks