AudioRecorder - the url of the sound is not valid

I followed exactly the tutorial for AudioRecorder:
Here is my test app: Appsmith
But the url of the sound recorded gives a 404 error (in the tutorial video, it’s working)
Thanks for your help

@Sam Welcome to the appsmith community!

I just tested this and it works for me. Could you please make sure that the URL starts with blob:https....
Here is my URL - blob:

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Thank you for your welcome and your answer.
My bad, I didn’t know how blob urls work. It’s normal I can’t load the sound copying the url in the browser. I guess I need to upload it to a server or to a DB to be able to share the sound and play it later. An example of code in the doc would be super useful.

By the way, in the tutorial video, the sound url is not a blob type and we can see it’s possible to load it in the browser. So it’s a bit misleading

Hi Sam! It is possible to load and play the recording in a browser if you copy the entire Evaluated Value of the Text widget, which includes the blob: prefix and paste it in a browser.

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Thanks a lot, now it’s working.