Appwrite integration in DB querys

Are there any plans in adding appwrite as a DB query source?

Hey @Fabian9799, we don’t have a plugin for interacting with Appwrite yet, but thanks for the suggestion. I just created an issue on our GitHub project to get started and plan this out.

Meanwhile, it appears Appwrite has REST API support. We should be able to use API actions to talk to this API directly to interact with Appwrite. Could you try this out and let us know if you get stuck anywhere?

My I ask, among the services present in Appwrite, which ones do you use or which ones would you prioritize as most useful to be working from inside Appsmith? This can help us design a workflow that suits better around the most-used functionalities of Appwrite.


Sorry for the late reply. my pc broke, so i could not reply earlier

I would probably use the database feature the most because it would also fit in appsmith the best. But beeing able to also view or modify user accounts from inside appsmith would also be great