AppSmith users - additional profile info and ability to use as variables

Wondering if the AppSmith logged in user information/profile is extensible and available as a data source.

example: I’d like to be able to have my users (Viewers) login. Ideally with some additional profile information associated with their account, like phone, ext, maybe some object ids.

One item working on right now is a support dashboard with click to call API post. I’d like to be able to pass the user’s phone extension/number to the post which initiates a bridge call with the supportee.

And I can imagine some other scenarios like this.

Hi John,

We don’t support adding additional data to logged in user. You can create a map to to store additional data in your backend.

We already have an open issue regarding this in github

Technically, the Appsmith login (email address) will work for my needs.

Is that available to be used as a variable for the query?

I don’t really understand the gitub conversation that much.

Hi @jo-cpa ! Yes you do have access to the logged in user’s email. This is stored in the appsmith object at The exception to this is if users log in via Github OAuth2 in which case we wouldn’t have their email IDs stored.

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