Appsmith on Synology & docker keeps on restarting

I’ve tried a few other open-source app builders and they all seem to work flawless on our Synology NAS.

I was eager to try appsmith. I installed it via docker-compose. Only thing I changed in the yml file was the ports. It installed, but the container keeps restarting with this error.

Hopefully someone has suggestions on what I could do to get it running.

/opt/appsmith/ line 136: Illegal instruction (core dumped) mongod --form --port 27017 -dddbpath…

Hello! Please send us the server logs to help us investigate the issue. You can grab the logs by running docker logs -f appsmith.
Or you could follow the steps from this guide on how to get the logs

Additionally, let us know the CPU you are running on and if it meets the requirements of Mongo v5.

Ok, thanks to both of you for answering! It looks like the processor in our NAS can’t run MongoDB 5.

I downloaded Mongo directly into docker and it gave an error that it’s not supported on our CPU. Too bad, would’ve loved to have gotten appsmith running on our NAS.

You could try to use an external MongoDB v5 solution and migrate your old Mongo data to that instance.

Thanks. Currently we have no MongoDB or any data. We’re just going to try Appsmith on another machine instead of our NAS, so it should work fine.

We had several users who complained that Appsmith doesn’t run properly on Synology. It might be a permission problem: mongodb - Starting mongo through docker on a Synology NAS - Stack Overflow
We’ll take this up as a separate issue.

In my case, it’s not permission issues. Our NAS is only a year old, but the celeron processor inside is from 2019. MongoDB 5 is not compatible with it and specifically says so in the error log.

Some other low-code app builders use other internal DBs, so they work on our NAS. For Appsmith, we’ll try it out on another machine. I have it successfully running on one of our Macs.