Appsmith in Docker behind HTTP Proxy


I’m attempting to run appsmith in a docker container on a shared server.

I would like to access appsmith through a route that is controlled by a frontend server.

So rather than going to “mydomain(dot)com” to access the appsmith instance I would like to go to “mydomain(dot)com/appsmith”.

Is there a way to configure the standard docker-compose file to handle this situation?

The docker instance is running on port 4000 and I have my frontend server proxying requests for “mydomain(dot)com/appsmith” to “localhost:4000”. After the initial page request, all subsequent requests try to load the appsmith server files from “mydomain(dot)com” instead of “mydomain(dot)com/appsmith”.

Any suggestions? Am I making this way harder than it needs to be?


@rymarczy Unfortunately, this is not supported today. We have a open issue to track this feature - [Feature] Support deploying Appsmith on a sub-path instead of at `/` · Issue #3636 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub . Please comment and upvote