appsmith access to other maps?

appsmith access to other maps

I’m not sure I understand your question. Could you please provide more details or clarify your inquiry on Appsmith’s access to other maps? This will help me provide a more accurate response.

I want to use other maps in appsmith

What other maps are you considering?

Connect to other maps in appsmith

Can you specify which other maps you’re looking at? Google Maps? e.t.c

for example, mapbox map

We currently don’t have support for Mapbox. However, we have a feature request opened on GitHub (see here [Feature]-[15]: Add better mapping widgets like OpenLayers, Leaflet and Cesium · Issue #5492 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub). You can add your use case and upvote it so It can climb up the priority list.

Alternatively, we have support for Google Maps. If you will like to consider it, you can check out our docs here - Google Maps | Appsmith

Can write javascript code to access mapbox?

It might work. It’s not an option I’ve personally explored.
If you’re able to use Javascript somehow to implement Mapbox on Appsmith, we might not be able to provide technical support if you encounter any issues since we don’t currently support Mapbox.

Using javascript in appsmith does not recognize document usage

You mean the global document object?

Yes, that’s right.Unable to recognize.

Yes. Appsmith also doesn’t provide access to the document object as of right now.
We’re looking into this a future possibility however

How to use javascript?

You can write Javascript within JsObjects.