Application embedded in html iframe shows issue on page reload

My application is embedded in HTML iframe and while on page reload , the login page of the application is showing instead of the current running page .
The problem is not there as we take the application url directly in a browser .

Are you talking about the login page for the Appsmith platform, or do you have a custom login form inside your app?

Can you share a link?

Hey @Ginjo, you’re seeing the login page cause the application is not public. You can enable it by clicking on the share button and toggling the Public option.

@vihar , @Ron I am talking about the custom login page inside the application. Actually there is only one page in my application and I am using tabs for presenting different pages like ,login page, listing page and new entry page . And current tab value is stored in local storage every time based on the events like button click and shows the tabs correctly. But while reloading the page , it returns to the default tab itself , ie login tab.

Hey @Ginjo, I understand this now. You can solve this by setting the current tab value onPageLoad with JSObjects. Since you’re using custom authentication, you can validate the token onPageLoad and navigate to the necessary tab.

Here’s a guide:

@vihar Thank you for the support. I will try it out and let know.


@vihar I tried with the above solution and it worked as I test it inside local html page. But when the same html page is hosted in the actual domain server , the issue exists.

Can you share the logs from the console?

Also, I would suggest debugging the value in the variable (you used to check the tab) by rendering it on a text widget, to see if it persists or not.

@vihar Here is the screenshot of the console logs.

I did not saw any error relating to our issue