Application crash on edit/launch (?after updating v1.7.1 -> v1.7.8)

I’m trying to edit or launch the app and get the crash page:

Oops! Something went wrong

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If the issue persists, please contact us

The detailed description:

  • About a week ago, before implementing the new features, I upgraded the appsmith server v1.7.1 → v1.7.8.
  • I’m using Git Sync. There were many automatically added uncomment changes after the upgrading (100+). I created a branch, applied the changes, and merged to master.
  • I added new functionality locally (new branch, PR, merge to master)
  • I pulled the changes on the remote production server
  • Then, I did additional changes on the remote server (new branch, PR, merge to master)
  • I pulled the latest master changes on the local server. From the beginning, all was OK but later, I got the crash page when I tried to edit the application (the master branch). The launch worked OK.
Oops! Something went wrong

Please try again using the button below.
If the issue persists, please contact us
  • At the same time, the edit mode opened without problems when I manually specified the other branch in the address line (e.g.
  • I thought that it was some “one-time strange error”, shut down the appsmith docker, deleted the stacks folder, and created all from the very beginning - created the organization and imported the application from the repository.
    • App imported OK and works without any problem
  • I didn’t change the app since that time (non locally nor on the remote server)
  • Today, I tried to open the app locally and got the crash on edit and on launch
  • On the remote server, the launch works, but I get the crash on edit
    • At the same time, I have one more application there. And it works absolutely fine (BUT, I didn’t apply automatically added system-generated uncomment changes yet).

I’ve analyzed the error a little, and I think that cause of the error might be because of the new organizationId field, which was added to almost every file after the update:

"organizationId": "6239d62fcb54ff0bc4489b95",
  • When I’m looking into the /stacks/git-storage/ folder of the remote server, I can see the folder with such ID
  • When I’m looking into the /stacks/git-storage/ folder of the local server - we have a different ID here
  • But, both apps on different servers use the same repository, and the repository ID is stored in files…
    • Probably, when a server tries to load the application, it can’t find the specified organization.

Please see the attached logs also: - Google Drive

@ivp Apologies for the issue you are facing. Have flagged it to the team and we are investigating it. Will come back with an update as soon as possible. Thank you for such detailed clarification about the issue.

Thanks for the quick response.

My normal development process is blocked currently.

Can you estimate how long a bug fixing can take?

It makes sense to me to wait or it’s better to find a workaround?

  • I’ve found out: that I can open the application if delete it on the local server and reimport the app from the repository. But later, probably, it will crash again (maybe after the system restart)
  • So I can:
    • Downgrade the Appsmith server
    • Restore the state of the application before the server upgrading
    • Reimplement the new features
      • It should be relatively fast because I can open the reimported app and copy most of the code.

@ivp Apologies you are facing this issue.
I assume that your production server is still using 1.7.1 and my hunch is that when you made change in that machine and pulled it into the local thats might have caused the issues as mismatch in version.
And this might have caused the app to crash in prod machine as well as the remote repo.

On the directory where we store the repo, it is expected that the orgId is different as this is specific to the instance. When the app is imported into a different machine, all the resource are created again. We use git sync id which is used to map resources across instance.

I went through the logs and saw the unsupported file format version. Can you please tell me when you encountered this error?

We still don’t know what is the root cause of the issue. Are you available for a call so that we can debug this issue more in detail and suggest a workaround. You can book a call with me here - Calendly - Anagh Hegde.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, I updated it to 1.7.8.

Thanks, I’ve scheduled the meeting.

We had a call.


  • It’s a known bug, it’s already fixed.
  • The error is gone after the upgrade to 1.7.10.

Thanks, @anagh


Thanks for sharing it with the community @ivp :pray: !

The error is reproduced again on 1.7.10.

When we discussed this with @anagh he told

  • It was a rare case:
    • Using the theme
    • Using GitRepo
    • Deleted branch

So I restored the server from the backup (zip of the stacks folder).

  • Apply the classic theme
  • Merged all branches to master, deleted all old branches
    • It was not easy, several times app crashed
    • I restored the server from the backup and pull latest changes of the master branch

In the end: All works so far (the Classic theme)

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