Application cannot loading in either edit/deploy mode after the latest release v1.8.3

My applications in the selfhosted instance are not loading since the latest release v1.8.3 . It was fine upto v1.8.1.
Sharing the screenshots of the issue . Home page is loading fine .
Home page :

deploy mode

edit mode

Hey! We are sorry that you are facing this issue. Please check this link for solution - Discord

@pranav I tried with the above solution but it did not work for me. My local appsmith instance is on windows. Can you help me out to rectify the issue ?

Just to update this thread. Got on a call with @Ginjo. It was a cache issue that got resolved after running the command : docker-compose exec appsmith redis-cli flushall, as per this Discord thread.

The underlying issue should be fixed in v1.8.4

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