Any License / User term limitations for building tools with AppSmith?

Dear all,
I’d like to ask what the limitations in term of business apps are that I can build with AppSmith. For example:

  • can I build a paid app where users log in using 3rd party authentication platform?
  • can I connect payment gateways for my apps?
  • is there any difference in licensing between cloud vs self-hosted community vs self-hosted enterprise versions?

So far, I can see that self-hosted version has an Apache 2 license which mostly speaks about distribution of the platform itself. But what about the products that can be built with AppSmith - can I sell them as SAAS, for example? In this scenario AppSmith is used only as a front-end to the users. So they don’t become collaborators for the app I’m building.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Yes, you can do all of the above on both cloud and self-hosted.
The main difference is in our business edition where if you want to distribute the platform, you have to reach out to us first but if it’s just about the apps built on the platform, then you are free to do so.
You can certainly sell them as SAAS apps as well!