Airtable - How to get the record value for linked column using appsmith


I am new here and i have just started working on a project using appsmith and using the airtable as data storage.

I was able to get the table to show the columns however, my data on airtable has some linked data.

The below image shows what i get.

as you can see that some of the linked columns show the record ID. How can i get the text for those record id.

Let me know if you may need more clarification. thanks in advanced for your help.


@avineshkumar2 You will be able to pull the data from within each column. On the table widget property pane, you can click on the gear icon next to the column name (eg. Country). You will then see the data binding i.e. {{currentRow.Country}} You will just have to drill down one more level to get the data for that object. i.e. {{currentRow.Country.somethingelse}}. Please let me if you have any queries.

@ dancia thanks for the reply, but it didn’t work for me.

@avineshkumar2 Can you share a screenshot of the Country column setting with the Evaluated value as shown in screenshot below