Admin Settings issue

As per link
but when I click Admin Settings

Hi hismayilov,

sorry you’re facing this issue. Let me check with the team.


hi hismayilov,

We know that the admin settings page does not work for the “slim container”, but only for the “fat container”. Which one do you have? You can find this out by running the command docker ps - if the output contains only one appsmith container then it’s a fat container, else you’ll see other containers as well like - redis, mongo etc.

You could also share the output with us, and we can help clarify this for you.

Github issue: [Bug]: Unable to access Admin settings page · Issue #9851 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub


it seems I am slim :slight_smile:

thank you for confirming that. We are working on a document that will help you migrate to the fat container - you should be at more liberty then. You can follow the updates here: feat: Migrating to new docker image (single container) by geekup-legodevops · Pull Request #204 · appsmithorg/appsmith-docs · GitHub