Adding Files when opening the Appsmit App


is there a possibility to add files at the start of the app? So like how you can do it with the parameters just for an File:

thanks a lot

Hi Frank! I am not sure what you mean by “adding files”. Where and how would you like to add the files when opening the app? Could you please elaborate on your use case and send some screenshots or a screen recording to help us understand what you are trying to achieve? ist not allowed here… So i have to explain.

When the Appsmith application is opened, I would like to specify several files (different for each start, of course) directly at startup, which are then available in a file picklist without having to be selected by the user.

Currently, it is not possible to set a default value, i.e., default selected files, in a FilePicker widget. Could you elaborate a bit on the use case and why you would need to have some files selected by default in your FilePicker widget? You might use a DocViewer widget to display some files, for example.


i will think about it.

btw the Video in Document Viewer | Appsmith is linked to the video “how to use the currency widget” :slight_smile:

i think that is not intended