400 bad request error coming while trying to self host

Hi, i am new to appsmith and trying to selfhost it.
So currently my setup is, deployed appsmith via docker and using caddy as reverse-proxy.
I have set APPSMITH_CUSTOM_DOMAIN to my custom domain in docker.env and copied the certificated obtained by caddy to the /stacks/ssl directory. In docker-compose.yml i have set the port configuration as 6969:443.
Now i when i hit my public url , i am getting an nginx error

400 Bad Request
The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port

I am stuck with this for a while, any help will be appreciated.

Hi there!
Can I ask what guide you followed to accomplish this?

Hi @Olawale ,
I followed this doc. Got this from another post in the forum. I kind of has similar issue (but caddy is not deployed via docker in my case).

Hey, I think you’re hitting your public URL with http://. Can you change it to https:// and try please?