2xQ Add an ID to and Element (Widgets) and Text Color based on another Text Value

  1. Is there a way to add and ID to an element (Widget)?

  2. I am getting vales from Table by selecting a row, the labels are getting porefield by selecting the table row. Now I just want to make the text color different according to the value of another filed.

Hey @benaust! Thanks for reaching out to us on community.

Could you please share the use case for having an ID for widgets?

  1. This is not possible at this juncture, although the widget names are unique and can be treated as ids.
  2. You should be able to do that by referring to values of a column from selected row like - selectedRow.columnName

Well as for ID, I get it, since it is unique for names, they also could be used like IDs.

As for the Color according to value. I think I did something like that, but it did not work. Just to elaborate on what I am doing and how it is devised.;

There is a table that gets the list of users and displays few fields only, but up on selecting the row, I can display in another container the detailed version of the selected user. Now one of the fields is “Status” and it is hidden (Not Visible) and the User ID is the one I like to change to “RED” if the value of “Status” is Suspended in the Detailed View or section.

Check this out, I created a small POC for this -

Hi Thanks

I like to use this, but retrieving the detail data directly from the table cause some issue, like if you click the same cell in a row twice the details in detail section disappears, that was why I was using another query to get the user details using the id of that selected user.

So there are two queries A = Clients B = This Client (based on “A” selected Row ID)
{{ get_client.data[0].client_status }} or {{ get_client.data[0].client_name }} and so on for other fields in details section.

Hey! The double click is basically selecting and deselecting the row.

I used
{{ get_members.data[0].client_id }}
to get the text value
& used what you suggested in Text “Text Color” JS field to change the color of ID Label
{{ members.selectedRow.status == “Pending” ? ‘Red’ : ‘Black’ }}
Thanks Pranav for your help, worked out well for me.